Mau ke aloha, no Hawai`i

Things have been quiet at “the little hale by the hills,” but that doesn’t mean that work hasn’t been done. After a quiet time, I’ve done a lot of work on a new project, reflecting back to a topic that is near and dear to my heart: myths and fairy tales! ¬†And when the two come together it’s a match made in … Elysium? My WIP has its origins in the tales of Cupid and Psyche, as well as the lesser known tale “East of the Sun, West of the Moon.” Add in a shape-shifting Alpha male, a smart woman who is more than his match, magic and a desire that can’t be banked, then you’ve got a hot as Hades Paranormal Erotic Romance!

This new project has morphed, as most of mine do, into a longer, more luscious confection than I had originally planned. It’s in the first rounds of edits, and will be along soon! Please stay tuned!

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