Find a Diamond at the Bottom of the Drain

“Take your own advice
cause thunder and lightning gets you rain
run an airtight mission, a Cousteau expedition
find a diamond at the bottom of the drain
a diamond at the bottom of the drain

here I go” ~~Neko Case “Magpie to the Morning”

In case it’s not apparent, music has a special place in my heart. Most artists I like paint very vivid pictures in my mind, or evoke visceral responses through their lyrics or music. Every time I write, I have particular music that sets the emotional pace for what I’m aiming for. I have songs for loss, happiness, lust, growth, just about everything under the sun.

Bubbly synthpop or ambient noise, each song creates a mood, a feeling. Sometimes it’s one line, in or out of context, a refrain in my mind throughout the day, juggled like marbles in my mouth. Sometimes it’s the whole song, the entire melody wrapping me up and taking me along.

Thank God for the music, sometimes on repeat, a hundred times over, a prayer of sorts, a mantra to further the words, and make the scene come alive inside my head and on paper.

ROW80: I thought 800 words would be good, and if I average it out, with the holiday and family things, I can say I pulled an average of 800 words per day. Counting the day I did squat (Hello, 4th of July!), and the night I stayed up past 3 and did more than double. Gah.

But it’s a work in progress, this writing thing. Forward, inch by inch, plugging in those headphones. Time to wrap myself in the music, and dive into it, searching for the right words, the ones that make the movies in my head come to life. Time to seek and find that treasure. So I’ll turn up the volume, run my fingers along the keys and “find a diamond at the bottom of the drain.”

Here I go.

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