Big Time Sensuality

“I can sense it . . .

Something important
is about to happen

It’s coming up

It takes courage to enjoy it
The hardcore and the gentle


I was listening to Bjork, and felt that this summed up the momentum I feel building. In spite of my hiccuping start July 1st, I feel a sense of change as I continue to write and work toward a goal.

The hiccup was of course, writing up a stream on the eve of the Round start, and due to LIFE, waking to a sleepy toddler 4 hours later. By the time I got to 5pm I was zombified. (Maybe that would have been a better song?) But Then the next day, a little better, and tonight, even with prep for 4th of July Madness, I’m still feeling productive with the ROW80 gig.

But deep inside, there’s that little burble of something, an effervescence that’s starting to make its way up. The middle slump is rising, the feeling of “damn I could just work on the other book” is going away. Not that the ideas are not still storming the bastions of my mind, but they are relegated to second string. Right now, SOD is coming together, and meshing. “The hardcore with the gentle,” the feeling of tying loose ends and making it all work is kindled.

So, I’m going to enjoy it, and ride the rush, or as Invader Zim would say: “Ride the PIG!” And I’m going to embrace the Big Time Sensuality, because “I don’t know my future after this weekend . . . And I don’t want to!” Carpe diem!

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