About Ilyana

Ilyana KnightWriting since the age of 8, Ilyana finally decided to broach a publisher about her stories. To her eternal delight, her first novel was published in 2011.

As an avid reader, she writes stories that weave together her love of comic books, fairie tales, romance and the supernatural. And kick-ass chicks. A world traveller, her fascination with different cultures and myths led her to incorporate them in her stories.

She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance because she imagines there is so much in our world beyond our narrow field of vision. Who’s to say that our world is NOT populated by lycanthropes, shtbai, or magic users?

She writes Erotic Romance, because… well, she can. Besides, it gives her husband something to brag about at work. She also loves to explore the hot steamy side of relationships, things that SHOULDN’T be left behind the proverbial closed door.

She lives in paradise with her husband, three precocious kids and three furry, pony-sized dogs.

Take a look at the stories and let her know what you think!